Elephant Ginger Beer


Ginger Beer

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A 100 year old recipe still made using the natural ginger, ''Elephant Ginger Beer'' is the only ginger beer made using natural ginger extract. From all the ginger beers in the world "'Elephant Ginger Beer'' is one of the few brands which use a sophisticated process of pure ginger extraction. ''Elephant Ginger Beer'' 's ginger extract with its original taste and texture will neutralize and prepare your taste buds for a more delicious bite after every sip. Elephant Ginger Beer natural ginger will help fatty acids, oil, to be dissolved. and dissociate, giving the drinker relief from stuffiness and drowsiness after a heavy meal, thus giving food enthusiast the liberty to dine merrily Elephant Ginger is made using 100% natural ginger extract. EGB colour, smell & taste is 100% natural making it the only natural ginger beer available in the market. ''Elephant Ginger Beer'' has a unique natural colour of cloudy white because it's made out of natural ginger extract.