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Curl Magic Hair Repair Mask

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We Love Curls

Repair and Strengthen

Are your curls in need of urgent repair? This repairing and strengthening collection will come to the rescue of distressed tresses, instantly transforming curl texture and shine. A damage recovery treatment for longer, stronger curls featuring our unique Curl Repair + Grow COMPLEX, composed of:

Coconut Oil: Moisturises and smoothens hair, replenishes lost hydration, restores healthy shine and condition.

Sea Salt: Soothes sensitive scalps, natural anti-inflammatory.​​

Seaweed: Nutrients from fatty acids improve split ends, enhance condition, stimulates scalp, eliminates toxins, moisturises. ​​

Algae: Unique healing, cleansing and moisturising properties. ​​

Wheat Bran: Adds shine, restores and protects, detangles, smooths, improves resistance to damage and breakage. ​​

Black Coffee: Energises the scalp, improves circulation. ​​

All Umberto Giannini products are vegan and cruelty free because no animals should be harmed in the name of beauty. This is our belief and always has been.

We make industry-leading products for every hair type. We’re famous for celebrating natural curls, and we are obsessed with creating ingenious new formulas to help you love your hair.

Renowned salons & haircare since 1988, mindfully made in the UK.

Salon Heritage

Expert stylists create and test our vegan and cruelty-free formulations in our UK salons. Ideal for those who suffer with fragile, dry damaged curls.

Natural Hair Care

The new Curl Repair & Grow collection restores hair health and promotes growth whilst also transforming curl texture and shine.

All Types of Curls

No two curls are created equal! We make amazing hair care products to care for, style and enhance all types of curls and waves.