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Asahikasei Cooking Sheet (30cm x 5m)Â

Asahi Kasei Cooking Sheet is a baking paper that is Silicone-coated on both sides to prevent food from sticking so that you can bake without making any mess. Its premium quality doesn’t crumble while baking and helps you bake upto 250° for 20 minutes.

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Features of Asahi Kasei Cooking Sheet

Your newest kitchen essential!

1. Double sided Silicone Coating adds value to your kitchen
2. Its Silicone-coat on both sides prevent food from sticking so that you can bake without making any mess.
3. It is different from Butter Paper and does not need any oil or butter for greasing
4. It does not affect the taste of the food

Heat Resistant upto 250°

The premium quality of the Cooking Sheet doesn’t let it crumble and helps you bake and cook upto 250° for 20 minutes. Just place the sheet on the tray/pan inside the oven or in the microwave and you're ready to go!

Highlights of Asahi Kasei Cooking Sheet

Used for Baking in Oven

Whether it’s cookies, biscuits, croissants, or cakes, the Asahi Kasei Cooking Sheet is a perfect companion for all your baking needs without having to use any grease.

Used for Cooking and Reheating in Microwave

Cook delicious and appetizing dishes at home with the convenience of cooking and reheating them in your microwave oven with the versatile Asahi Kasei Cooking Sheet. It retains moisture, keeping your food fresh and flavourful

No need to Wash Oven Trays or Pans

The Cooking Sheet is super easy and convenient to use. Just place it over the baking tray/pan and remove the sheet after use, keep your utensils clean and ready to use again

Easy to Cut

We know that baking isn’t easy. Which is why while designing our products we’ve focussed on the little things, so you can enjoy an unhindered experience. Our Cooking Sheet comes with an in-built cutter, a small convenience that goes a long way.

Reusable - Greaseproof Paper

The Cooking Sheet has a double silicone coating which helps the sheet not get dirty or stick to food making it reusable.

Can be used for Wrapping Food

The Cooking Sheet is a versatile product and can also be used as wrapping paper for rolls, frankies, and wraps!

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