Brownie Cookies & Pastre Nougatelli Cookies|Combo Of 2

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Merba Brownie Cookies paired with Patisre Nougatelli Cookies, creating the ultimate duo for your snacking pleasure.
First, indulge in the rich and fudgy goodness of Merba Brownie Cookies. Each bite is a decadent experience, with the perfect balance of chocolatey richness and soft, chewy texture, reminiscent of freshly baked brownies.
Complementing the indulgence of the brownie cookies are Patisre Nougatelli Cookies. These cookies offer a delightful twist with their creamy nougat filling, providing a satisfying contrast to the deep chocolate flavor of the brownie cookies.
Whether you're in the mood for chocolatey indulgence or craving the sweet creaminess of nougat, this combo has you covered. Treat yourself to the perfect pairing of Merba's Brownie and Nougatelli Cookies for a truly delightful snacking experience.