Al Wadi

Introducing Al Wadi, your gateway to authentic Middle Eastern flavors! Delight in a rich tapestry of gourmet Mediterranean delights. Al Wadi, a beacon of culinary excellence, offers a diverse range of authentic Lebanese and Middle Eastern food products. Immerse yourself in the taste of tradition and savor the essence of the Levant with every bite. 

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Baba Ghannouge (Eggplant Dip) & Falafel (Lebanese Recipe)

Baba Ghannouge (Eggplant Dip) & Falafel (Lebanese Recipe)

Velvety eggplant dip with authentic Mediterranean spicesVersatile dip for pita, veggies, or as a spreadDelight in the rich and traditional taste of Al WadiElevate your dishes with the essence of...