Little Trees Car Air Freshener

Little Trees

Little Tree Car Air Freshener

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Product Description:
  • Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of LITTLE TREES air fresheners with this variety pack of 16 distinct fragrances. These fresheners have delighted the senses for years, enhancing your driving experience like never before.
  • Crafted with meticulous attention to quality, each LITTLE TREES air freshener exudes robust and enduring scents that effortlessly transform any environment, whether it's your cherished vehicle or the comforting corners of your home.
  • Indulge in a symphony of captivating fragrances thoughtfully curated to match diverse moods and preferences, from soothing lavender to invigorating Black Ice.
  • The LITTLE TREES Car Freshener Hanging Variety Pack presents a diverse array, allowing you to align your car's ambiance with your current mood or adapt it as you embark on different journeys.
  • Experience the long-lasting allure of each fragrance. Their enduring essence ensures you relish captivating scents for extended periods, spreading freshness mile after mile.
  • These air fresheners transcend mere odor masking. They become an integral part of your driving journey, evoking memories, boosting mood, and making each drive enchanting whether on bustling city streets or tranquil open roads.
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Indulge in a thrilling olfactory journey while on the road with this assorted pack of Little Trees air fresheners. Each scent has been thoughtfully created to infuse your driving experience with a refreshing and invigorating aroma. With a pack of every fragrance, you'll have the flexibility to select the ideal scent for any mood or occasion.

This pack contains 16 distinct variations, which are:

1. LITTLE TREES - No Smoking

2. LITTLE TREES - Blackberry Clove

3. LITTLE TREES - Black Ice

4. LITTLE TREES - Daisy Fields

5. LITTLE TREES - Jasmine

6. LITTLE TREES - Lavender

7. LITTLE TREES - New Car Scent

8. LITTLE TREES - Peachy Peach

9. LITTLE TREES - Pina Colada

10. LITTLE TREES - Rainforest Mist

11. LITTLE TREES - Rose Thorn

12. LITTLE TREES - Royal Pine

13. LITTLE TREES - Sliced

14. LITTLE TREES - Strawberry

15. LITTLE TREES - Vanillaroma

16. LITTLE TREES - Watermelon

Each Little Trees air freshener is made with quality and precision, and it captures your senses with a long-lasting and robust fragrance. When hung freely in your car, these air fresheners become an integral part of your driving journey, enhancing your mood and evoking memories with every drive.

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Usage instructions:
<li> Start by tearing or cutting the pouch along the marked dotted lines, creating a V-shaped opening.</li>
<li>Gently expose a portion of the Little Tree freshener and allow it to hang freely using the attached elastic thread.</li>
<li> As the fragrance gradually weakens (usually after about a week), extend more of the Little Tree from the pouch to rejuvenate the scent.</li>
<li>Repeat this process whenever a stronger fragrance is desired.</li></ul>
Please Note:
If you initially expose the entire Little Tree by tearing off the pouch, the fragrance intensity will be very strong!</ul>
Recommended Hanging Spots:
The ideal location for hanging the Little Tree freshener is in your car.</ul>

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